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Naturally Nice

Artisan Pops

Vegan | Gluten-free | Dairy-free | Organic Sugar 

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St. Pops Frozen Treats

Our mission is to make delicious ice pops using simple, pure ingredients with a focus on locally grown produce. Like you, we care about good food and what it’s made from. Our pops are free of dairy, gluten, soy and nuts. We sweeten with organic cane sugar. You can find us at farmers markets and at local events in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas. St. Pops are the perfect compliment to a hot summer day!

St. Pops flavors

Chocolate • Mary’s Lemonade • Rhubarb Elderflower • Coffee 

Strawberry Cardamom • Horchata • Grape

Mary's Lemonade Artisan St. Pops
Chocolate Artisan St. Pops
Rhubarb Elderflower Artisan St. Pops
Horchata Artisan St. Pops
Strawberry Cardamom Artisan St. Pops
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